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About Us

Elise and Charlie are sacred music artists from the South West of England. Their shared passion for music brought them together in 2019 at their local yoga studio in Devon, where Elise held a community kirtan. Soon after a love story beyond the music blossomed. At the time Elise was in the midst of her second crowdfunding campaign for a new mantra album, and seeking a special soul to help her record and produce it. Charlie was just that soul, and has since played percussion with Elise for all her tour dates and events. Their first co-produced album will be released soon…

Single From Our Forthcoming Album

This Tibetan Buddhist mantra can aid in clearing a space or environment of negative energies. It calls in white light and protection from Vajrapani; the protector of dharma and great initiator, who is often seen at the entrance of a temple, holding a vajra (thunderbolt) to keep out negative entities. Chanting this mantra is a gift for all living beings, as it aids in clearing the earth's layer of consciousness (of which we are a part) of negative entities brought about by anger, violence, war, hateful acts and events. It is especially useful in creating a sacred space, (for meditation for example) and helps to clear negative energy from our physical, emotional and energy bodies, bringing a sense of peace, calm and clarity of mind.
Mantra music medicine for the mind body and soul...
Pre-order our soon to be released new album and become part of our creative team through our crowdfunding campaign. Learn more through our Indiegogo crowdfunding page...

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We are passionate about re-wilding the earth and offsetting our personal and business carbon footprint.

We do this by planting trees & helping to fund the world’s best climate crisis solutions with Ecologi.

Yoga Plants Trees: Along with our monthly contributions we are also planting a tree for every person who attends Elise's Zoom Yoga Classes.

You too can become climate positive for less than £1.25 per week!

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